Tour Update

Sorry to have to report the bad news that due to continuing health problems, we have had to cancel all of the tour dates for February and March. Our sincerest apologies go out to the bands that were scheduled to play with us, especially 27, all of the people who were putting the shows on, and finally to everyone who bought tickets for the shows.

Giving Craig time to rest and recover means that we will be fighting fit again soon and ready to record the new full-length album in the Summer as well as get back on the road playing noisy rock music for all you lovely people. This has been a heartbreaking time for us and canceling the remaining and rescheduled shows has been a really tough decision to make, but one which we think will be for the best in the long term.

New Album

Apologies for being so crap at updating these news items. Just a quick note to let you know that we have just finished the first week in the studio on the 3rd full-length Aereogramme record. We will be in the studio until the end of October. Things have been going really well and we are all excited to get the new songs out.

Hello folks

Well, the album has been recorded and we are all very pleased with the little beast we have created. Unfortunately though, it remains unmixed and will stay so until early next year. The music industry shuts down to enter into „Drinky time” from the first week of December right up to the middle of January so things will be pretty quiet on the Aereogramme front until 2006.

But yes, we have eleven songs waiting to be released and we hope you like them. I guess they do sound quite different to previous Aereogramme releases but don’t all boring musicians say that sort of thing? You lot will be the best judge of that. I can only promise you that it has some of our most joyous and most miserable songs yet.

My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go is the title we have so far but that may change if I can think of a better title that starts with the letter S.

Talking of which, Seclusion, (our last release) has finally found a home in the US It will be released on Sonic Unyon in March 2006. Hurrah.

Sick Buildings – „Surfeit” – C-20 + C-30

Double cassette feature from this Canadian killer! Conceptual release with the first tape being a heavily edited and dense sound collage of static wall spit and the other tape being pure dense sine wave on one side and pink noise (on a pink tape) on the other! Tapes come printed in a large vinyl case with minimal artwork. Really please with this one! Sick Buildings! Limited to 100 copies.

Johnny Scarr – „Untitled” C-30

New Johnny Scarr tape, UK experimental music at it’s best! Quiet tone and feedback manipulation with scrap electronics make up the first side of the tape and organic sounding flowing high end electronics make up the flip. A really tonal and soothing tape from this Nottingham master/sometime member of Fossils.

Heatsick – „Reverse Gardens” – C-60

New murky tape tonality from Steve Warwick of Birds of Delay fame. First side is straight to tape lo-fi tonal drone of the highest order. The flip is a loop recorded live that slowly builds and dies. Get yer fix! 100 copies on clear tapes with full colour art by the man himself.

Drenches – „Beast Purge” – C-22

Hot on the tails of the tape on ABHORRENT A.D. comes the second tape from this post-Knife City project. Experimental, almost ambient electronic splurge. Machines oscillating left right and centre and meeting in the middle. Spine waves. Edition of 30 copies on blue tapes with full colour J cards… Feast. Only 1 or 2 left!

Crow Feathers – ” Moves to E. Lansing”

Ultra weird one. Mixture between quiet loner folk and electronic splurge! Been listening to this A LOT. Really different to our usual releases, really quite beautiful! Acoustic tinkerings, not of the experiment kind, just the nice tuneful whispering of guitar melodies. Then when you least suspect it, some mad-head electronics! Limited to 50 copies. Really stands out in the catalogue…

Burial Hex – „Blood Between Her Lakes” C-40

Burial Hex has not only just toured the UK but has released his first CD album on the AB label over here too. This tape compiles 40 minutes of Mid-West USA horror electronics. Creepy passages of evil ambience coupled with noisy wails leave you feeling numb and chained. Perfect for those quiet nights in. Evil tones from Clay Ruby. Black and white insert as approved by The Rita.

Bucketovsissors – „Privilege” – C-40

40 minutes of ugly harsh exploitation. 4 pieces of relentless synth death and burning static. Ugly but lovely work from this German resident. Edition of 50 copies on white tapes with white cases and laser printed covers to boot. The power of Zeus and the fury of Hades. Get on it. Very few copies remain!