Hello folks

Well, the album has been recorded and we are all very pleased with the little beast we have created. Unfortunately though, it remains unmixed and will stay so until early next year. The music industry shuts down to enter into „Drinky time” from the first week of December right up to the middle of January so things will be pretty quiet on the Aereogramme front until 2006.

But yes, we have eleven songs waiting to be released and we hope you like them. I guess they do sound quite different to previous Aereogramme releases but don’t all boring musicians say that sort of thing? You lot will be the best judge of that. I can only promise you that it has some of our most joyous and most miserable songs yet.

My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go is the title we have so far but that may change if I can think of a better title that starts with the letter S.

Talking of which, Seclusion, (our last release) has finally found a home in the US It will be released on Sonic Unyon in March 2006. Hurrah.