Mutant Ape/Seppuku – Split 7″

AWWFN Descrption: „Mutant Ape with a punishing six minute lesson in harsh noise brutality. It sounds like a large collection of faulty electric appliances being launched down the stairs of a building on fire. On the flipside is a couple of tracks by the band formerly known as TETSUO. This side sees a change of direction from the previous lo-fi clatterings of before and contains two mercilessly heavy tracks of full-on noise doom! First track, „The Sound Of Slow Decay” does exactly what it says on the tin…repetitive sub-Sabbath riffing which eventually kills itself, followed by „Vincent Price’s Wife Is Dead”, which sounds like a 70s nightmare sequence from a Hammer film gone wrong”. Co-released with At War With False Noise. Stick-on laser printed sticker/card sleeves and an insert. Black Vinyl. Edition of 220 copies.