„A Race That Wasn’t There” CD-r

Industrial static attack from Geoff Markoff’s Loudspeaker project followed by a more subdied clang assault by Richard Ramirez’ and Perry Cliven’s The Sick Tour. Quality noise from Texas! Comes in Turgid Animal style oversized bag with large artwork with photo’s by Filthy Turd. Dean Romance prefers the Loudspeaker track…

Irukandji – „[rust i-viii]” 3″ CD-r

The tetanus-laden tentacles of Irukandji are unleashed once more via the UK’s Turgid Animal label with the release of “[rust i-viii]”. Irukandji’s fouth release brings you eight more raw, dirty, shifting, overdriven walls of harsh synth and pedal abuse equally as entertaining as self-amputation with a corroded hacksaw. Limited to 100 copies in full colour sleeves!

Amsterdam” CD-r

Three complete live sets from 2006. Eurovision. You know what to expect from this lot, mayhem, insanity and complete and utter comedy with sexy undertones. Comes in Turgid Animal style oversized bag with large artwork and printed CD-r.

Private Mouthpiece – „Taste The Floor” CD-r

Second ever release from this Richard Ramirez project soley for Turgid Animal. Two 15 minute tracks of sheer decaying harsh noise with slow rumbling passages and bathroom floor reverb making you wish you never got up that fateful morning when you got attacked and killed in the faggot club. Like a boot to the skull. Comes in Turgid Animal style oversized bag with large artwork and printed CD-r. RR Forever!

Johnny Scarr – „Untitled” C-30

New Johnny Scarr tape, UK experimental music at it’s best! Quiet tone and feedback manipulation with scrap electronics make up the first side of the tape and organic sounding flowing high end electronics make up the flip. A really tonal and soothing tape from this Nottingham master/sometime member of Fossils.

Inseminoid – „20 Eyes Live” One-Sided C-90

2 Live gigs from this year see Inseminoid supporting Burial Hex in Leeds and Hototogisu in London. Both gigs are here, recorded straight to tape and dubbed from that master onto tape. Raw and un-edited loud bass drone noise from the Proctor/Stokoe duo.

Skullflower – „Pure Imperial Reform” CD

New Skullflower CD now available on Turgid Animal Records. Recorded last year live on an Antwerpen radio station comes this new guitar wall „composition” from Matthew Bower and Lee Stokoe. This is a real CD (a first for Turgid Animal) limited to 1000 copies with artwork desinged by MB himself and pro-printed on quality grey paper in standard jewel cases. This is a seriously solid release and is for fans of modern Skullflower recordings and anyone who just loves a good harsh racket!


Immersive Photography – more information
Photography where the viewer is immersed in the middle of the image, just like virtual reality. This type of photography has many applications whether you are advertising internal or external spaces. You have to see it to believe it.

Virtual Tours – more information
Using our immersive photography and/or traditional photography we can compile the images together in a interactave map.

Object Photography – more information
This type of photography allows the viewer to look around an object, rather than looking at a still image of it. Ideal for displaying products on the internet.

Traditional Photography – more information
We can supply traditional photography for just about any purpose. Specializing in commercial and landscape photography.

Panoramic Photography – more information
This type of photography has many applications. Providing a very wide angle or a full 360 degree image, these can be very impressive. A panoramic image can look good heading a web page or as a print.

Event Photography – more information
We can provide photographic services at your event and have the option of printing on site if required.

Stock Images for hire – more information
We have a number of images that you can hire from us, including our immersive images.

Digital Editing – more information
We offer Digital Editing on all our images or any photography you already have – old or new